every-body-wax (With Meridith) 

Face & Body Waxing in Santa Clarita, California

** I do not do heavy extractions, which are damaging to your pores **

The Squeaky Clean Facial
55 mins of elbow work to buff, shine and polish your mug till you're a reflective surface!
Includes a gommage -enzyme to remove dead skin, unclog pores and remove excessive oils. Sulfer mud mask to shrink pores and add healing minerals back into the skin, soothing hydrating or firming mask per your skin needs, cool cucumber eye pads, amino acid serum, light soothing moisturizer and a hand softening scrub and massage so your claws match your face. All this wonderfulness for only $65

The WOO-WOO Facial
55 minutes of ZEN relaxation. Reiki session meets facial you get a lovely simple cleanse, and a mask of leave-on all day serum perfect for your faces needs. Meanwhile we scan through your whole self, working out blocks and stress thru energy healing and crystal therapy. $65

The Squeaky Woo Combo 85 mins for $120
The best of both worlds. both facials put together to make the best facial ever.